And I Come Reveling, Burning Incandescently

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Simper, saunter, / chitter-chatter:  / A fill-in villain.
Yes, mister joe, i will venture with you past scylla and charybdis I’m the dark. [Petrarch]
Peppermint mocha and poetry. On another note, do not buy thus mug. It’s curved inward and thus,  difficult to drink out of.
Self criticisms.
Coconut rice, baked pineapple and bell pepper, panko fried tofu.
Made a giant batch of vegan protein medley. Although this is just a portion, the entire bowl contains 6g from brown rice, 24g from tofu, 20g from a can of chickpeas, and 0.9g from one cup of raw spinach.
war paint shouldn’t say anything less
Cinnamon sugar cookies at bedtime cause, ya know, why not.
Vegan pumpkin bread
I can show ya how to make tofu scramble as close to eggs as it can get.